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API Recommended Reads

API Recommended Reads

There are times when parents can't make it to a meeting or don't have a local API support group. Computer time with young children can be fleeting. But yet, parents still need to keep their AP tools sharpened and at the ready. The best way to do this is through constantly educating yourselves.

Please note that any time one of the following resources refers to the mother, we intend that to refer to anyone who has sole custody or care of a child. It is not intended to be discriminatory toward fathers or other primary caregivers.

What People Say About API

They are the real deal

Let me just put it out there like it is: in this age of taxes and required subsidizing it is difficult to give money. However, AP is our life. I can think of no better organization to happily and joyfully give my money to than API. They are the real deal, no fake people or shady motives.